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Virus & Spyware Removal

Virus & Spyware Removal

We spend a lot of time repairing machines that have unfortunately been infected with a virus, spyware and malware infestation. This can happen even if you have antivirus software installed and kept up to date, due to the ever changing nature of the threats. If a virus is released and spread today it may be 48 hours before the anti-virus manufacturers detect and write the software to remove it. If you are unlucky in that time frame you could get infected.

If you bring your laptop to us, we will remove all virus, spyware and malware infections and make sure that you have adequate security and that it is updating correctly. We have capped the charges for this at a maximum of £48 for virus removal, even though some of these viruses can take hours to find and remove. 95% of the time your machine can be disinfected successfully.

Some infections however, can result in Windows needing to be re-installed due to the virus attaching itself to critical system files on your computer. If Windows needs to be re-installed, you will be contacted first to obtain permission to carry out the work and once we have obtained permission, the charge for this is £60, unless you have an amount of data which requires backing up before re-installation and restoring after the work has been carried out. A full re-installation of Windows and software, with data backup and restoration is charged at a maximum of £72.

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Customers often ask us to recommend the best Anti-Virus solution to keep their machine free of unwanted infections and keep them secure online.

Bullguard Internet Security 2019 offers ultimate silent security for the net-centric lifestyle, fighting every category of e-threats with best-of-breed technologies.

We not only highly recommend this product but we also use it on all our work and personal machines.

In 2010 Computashack was involved heavily in a BitDefender case study involving a few UK based resellers and partners. The case studies can be found HERE