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Data Recovery & Data Wiping

Data Recovery & Data Wiping

Has your important data really all disappeared forever? A lot of people or businesses don’t take the time to back up what is the most important part of their computer, their stored data! Computers and laptops can be repaired or replaced, but the important data that they hold sometimes cannot. If your data has suddenly become corrupted or lost, then let us try to recover it for you. Some of our services are detailed below.

  • Data recovery from any media
  • Data recovery (from formatted or erased media)
  • Backup of work files or complete OS
  • Disaster recovery contingency planning
  • Data recovery
  • Data backup
  • Transfer of files and settings between computers or network
Data Recovery & Data Wiping
Data Recovery & Data Wiping

In addition to data recovery, ComputaShack professionally remove all data from PCs, Macs, and laptops. Other data storage media such as external hard drives, CD-ROMs, and USB flash drives can be permanently wiped of data also.

This service becomes valuable when deciding on how to dispose of an old PC, Mac, or laptop which contains critical, and sometimes confidential information belonging to the owner.