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Laptop Specific Repairs

Laptop Specific Repairs

Laptop and netbook repairs are a little more complicated than your bog standard PC. With laptops you have to make sure that you get the correct part to match the exact make and model of the machine. To add to the complexity of the repair, they all come apart differently and are generally a little more fragile than desktop PC’s.

We repair all makes and models of laptop, notebook, netbook and macbook computers. We provide spare parts including keyboards, batteries, motherboards, hard drives, memory, screens, dc jacks and chargers. We also troubleshoot network problems and offer data recovery services. Some of the more common laptop repairs are detailed below.

Please CALL US for a competitive quote on your laptop repair.

Laptop Power Socket and DC Jack Repair

Contact Us if your laptop has any of these symptoms:

  • The backlight on your screen is flickering whilst charging
  • Your laptop suddenly changes from battery to AC power
  • Your laptop battery will not charge
  • The DC jack is loose or broken and requires repair
  • Your laptop will not power up at all (a dead laptop)

We would basically solder a new dc jack back onto the motherboard saving you the cost of replacing the entire motherboard which is usually the most expensive item to replace on the laptop.

We charge a flat rate for all DC Jack repairs. Please CALL US or refer to our pricing guide to find out our dc jack repair rates.

Laptop Screen Repair

Laptops are notoriously fragile systems, and laptop screens are particularly likely to suffer damage at some point or another. All it takes is one scratch or one fall from the table for the screen to be totally ruined and many people signal that as a time to upgrade and spend hundreds of pounds on a totally new model. It doesn’t have to be that way.

Laptop screens may break but it’s nothing that a spot of repair work and a new screen can’t fix and you can have your computer back to working order in no time. Please CALL US or refer to our pricing guide to find out our lcd screen repair rates.

Laptop overheating problems

We have also seen faults with laptops where they are getting too hot to hold, shutting themselves down or making horrible noises. This is almost always a fault with the cooling fan which when working properly reduces the temperature of the heat-sink and subsequently keeps the processor cool. To avoid these problems you should always use your laptop on a hard, flat surface.

Getting at these fans can be very awkward making repair or replacement a little tricky. If your laptop is overheating try not to use it but CALL US for a repair quote.

Hinge replacement and case repairs

We regularly see a multitude of laptops with broken hinges and this usually coincides with parts of the plastic casing being bent, cracked and broken. We can repair any laptop or netbook hinge and case faults, but we do need to know in advance the make and model of your machine so that we can quote for the parts required. Please CALL US for a quote on your broken laptop hinges or casing.